Bauhaus Exhibition Postcard No. 7

Bauhaus Exhibition Postcard No. 7
by László Moholy-Nagy

21st Century Light Machine

I did a drawing based on a postcard credited to László Moholy-Nagy. I started it as a more literal itineration of the original to give myself practice with the p5.js code and provide a jumping off point into an adaptation of it. My primary thought was to ensure that rotation was a key part of my drawing. Rotation is a key factor in another work by Moholy-Nagy, the "Light Prop for an Electric Stage", so I thought introducing movement as rotation into a static drawing would be a fitting homage to him.

I really wanted to start getting familiar with code that dealt with color change because I am very interested in learning how to do that. After some adjusting to how the color could change with the Map() function, I chose to set up color changes inside the shapes. Since they are in primary colors in the original, I chose to map it so that as x and y increased, the primary colors would shift into their corresponding complimentary colors.

I was unsure about altering the stroke weight in the work, but when I fiddled around with it I found it took on a bit of an Art Deco style that I felt resonated. I also enjoyed the effect of the rotation with no lines, but it seemed to lose the context the original work came from. In the end I stuck with the stroke weight that gave the Art Deco feel, but kept the no stroke line commented out. Recreating the "W" in the text was kind of difficult as a beginShape()/vertex()/endShape(), but I am very pleased by the result, and the ease I could reproduce it when I combined it with a For Loop. Even though I put some serious hours into this project, I really learned a lot.